Week 2 – Activity: Painting

This week we went around the world to explore the different ways artists use graffiti as way of expression. For this activity, I needed to use spray paint. The last time I used spray paint was during my freshman year in high school, so I was pretty excited to hear that I had the chance to use it again. So I started off with grabbing a couple boxes from my work to use as a canvas, and fortunately, my dad had a couple of spray paint cans he used from my sister’s project. I had black, white, pink, green, and red colors. The assignment was to create our name in bubble letters using spray paint. I had a friend in the class so I decided to do it with her. First we watched the how-to video on creating bubble letters, so we sketched our name in pencil and outlined it with Sharpie.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Afterwards my friend and I went outside to spray paint the letters. I’m really glad that I had a few choices to choose from and I thought that red, pink, and green would look good together. I added a black star on both sides because I wanted to play with the spray paint a little bit more.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This experience made me realize how talented artists who use spray paint can be. When we watched the video in class about the different artists in Brazil and other countries, my first thought was that spray painting couldn’t have been that hard. But after actually handling the spray paint, I realized that it took a lot of control and precision. As you might see, I wasn’t able to keep the spray paint in the lines of my letters, but it still looked pretty neat. I think it’s amazing how people can create different types of images with just spray paint. Some people can make realistic images, while others create ones that look like cartoon, but what makes it more amazing is the different meaning behind all the pictures.


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