Week 3: Activity – Social Photography

This was the first time I ever used Instagram for a class, which made it pretty interesting since I use Instagram on the daily. I looked through the hashtag #art110s15, and it amazed me how many things are going on with the students’ lives! Here’s just a couple things I saw:

photo 6photo 1

Because we visited the museum today, I saw a lot of the paintings, especially ones done by Tidawhitney Lek. They stood out to me because of the vibrant colors she used on her paintings. Another thing I noticed was people posting food. I’m a huge foodie, so whenever someone posts food on Instagram that looks delicious I always try to figure out where that place is. And when I do find out, I put it in my list of places to visit when I have spare time! I love it when people tag their location of the photo because it makes it so much easier to see if it’s driving distance or not. I also saw lots of posts of people with their friends hanging out around the campus or at home, which I felt was pretty common with a lot of the posts.

photo 2

I also posted a couple photos on my Instagram profile, which was especially fun since I barely post on my own account.I thought this week’s activity really exposed me to the different ways people live their lives. I can also relate to some people. For example, I saw a couple people posting a photo about commuting to school and how it’s an everyday struggle living pretty far. I thought it was pretty funny because I share the same struggle as them. I couldn’t relate with some posts like the ones with cats and dogs since I didn’t have any pets at home besides fish. I thought it was a pretty cool experience to see how someone’s day just by looking through pictures.


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