Week 4: Activity – The Mina Show

For this week’s activity, we had to go out of our comfort zone and go out and do something I’ve never done before. So this past weekend, my pledge sisters and I drove up to California Polytechnic University of San Louis Obispo for a formal for a sorority. Because I commute from home to school, I was used to driving long distances. But my hometown of Huntington Beach was only 30 minutes away, and comparing that to driving to San Louis Obispo, driving 30 minutes is nothing.

After picking up my pledge sisters, we headed to San Louis Obispo hoping that the drive will go as smooth as possible. On the way there, we ran into many uphills and downhills. I’ve never driven through so many uphills before so I didn’t know what to expect out of my car. After realizing that my car wasn’t accelerating as fast up the hill, I started getting worried because my car was driving the slowest on the freeway at that moment. One of my pledge sisters told me to go to the side of the freeway to give my car some rest because there might be a chance that my engine couldn’t handle the push. Finally after 5 minutes of resting, we started driving again and my car regained its energy. I drove to the venue and back, which is the longest I’ve ever driven in one sitting. We arrived a little late, but we were in time to say hello to a couple people. We also got to meet two of the sorority’s founding mothers, Miss Lara Iwasaki and Miss Julie Ko Kim, which was freaking awesome! We felt like we met celebrities hehe.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOverall, I’m just really glad that we made it and that there were no car troubles on the way back except for one thing: dense fog. It was around 1 am and the ride back went as smooth as it can until we ran into some fog. I don’t think I’ve ever driven in such thick fog before, but I went right ahead and conquered that obstacle. After another 4 hours of driving, I was exhausted. I finally dropped all of my pledge sisters home and then I went home to my bed, where I crashed right as I got into my room.

photo (6)


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