Week 4: Artist Interview – Haley Toyama & Liz Talbot

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetAs I walked into the Dutzi Gallery, the simplicity and the intricate details of the paintings captivated my attention. The artists involved in this gallery are Haley Toyama, Emily Babbette, and Liz Talbot. Haley and Liz were the ones that were present so I decided to interview them. Haley is a fifth year and her hometown is San Gabriel, while Liz is also a 5th year from Palm Springs. They both believe that light is an important factor in our lives and that “Light is Everything.” When asked about the different landscapes they paint, they said that they prefer light in general. Liz prefers to paint from direct observation of the landmark, while all the landmarks Haley paints are mostly created from imagination. According to their statement, they believe that light is a great influence our emotive response to the subjects around use since it is light that creates color.

It was a little difficult communicating with the artists because they seemed to be offended in almost every single question we asked them. When one of the students asked what their ethnicity or race were, Liz became offended because she says that the style of painting has nothing to do with race. The same student also asked them for a picture, but our of the artists wishes, they said that no pictures were allowed because the painting should not correlate to what the artists look like, which I totally agree with. Haley paints imaginary spaces, while Liz paints with a more conceptual style.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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