Week 5 – Activity: Kickstarter

I’ve never heard of Kickstarter until I took Art 110, so I didn’t really know what to expect of the videos. Although I had no idea what it was, I looked through a couple of the videos and I was surprised at how successful people were. The first category I looked into was Food.

Help Super Business Girl Hydrate Detroit Schools

After watching this video, I thought that the message and the goal of the people in the video was clear. It is obvious that the little girl and her other partner was very passionate about what they were doing and showed their excitement into their investment. The quality of the video was also very professional. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this video in a commercial or news. I would say that this Kickstarter video would help the people involved and make them successful. The video included tiny parts of her helping out the community and staring at the news, which can persuade more people to help her in her investment to create a healthier drink for kids at school.

Tea Witch Tea

The first thing I looked for in this video is what the goal of the person was in the video. The way she was telling her story did not have any passion, although parts of the video did deem professional. Parts of the video did seem a little amateur. It would’ve been a little hard to trust the person who made the video, given that she did not even bother to show her face to the camera. I liked the part where the girl showed how she made the different types of tea, but it was unclear why she was doing it. There were many parts of the film where it was sort of irrelevant to the points she was making since she didn’t explain where the money will grow after she receives it.

Another category I looked into was Technology. I watch Shark Tank a lot so I was pretty interested in what different inventions or ideas people have come up and brought to life.

Magnetic: Paper That Sticks To Walls

This video was very informative, tackled on the different problems it could solve, and had a clear explanation of where their money would go after receiving it. I really liked how they showed the different ways the item can be used, which was pretty cool since the product was practical. After watching the video, I believe that it will be successful because the passion of the inventors were seen through their faces and expressions. The video also had a lot of color and many scenes that can capture the audience’s attention easily.

Pictodon Character Portrait Designer

This video was far by the worst video I’ve seen after scrolling through the different ones in this category. This program would not be successful because the way they portrayed the program would not have kept the audience interested. The narrator did not have any excitement in her voice and the video used many basic tools that made the cartoons looked like they used Paint. There was not really a clear explanation of where the money was going to. The artist just didn’t seem that passionate about the program. I felt like this program was somewhat impractical because they didn’t show the different ways to use the program besides video games.


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