Week 7 – Activity: Portrait Photography

After hearing the activity we had to do this week, I was very confused on what Landscapes with a Corpse was. Then I looked through the activity page and saw the many different pictures of “fake deaths” that previous students have made and I thought it was so interesting. Here’s a quick picture of me faking my own death:

photoI thought that thoroughly about my own death and I decided that it would be at school. I had no shame and people staring at me and looking at me weird, so I had a bunch of fun doing this activity. Anyways, since I basically live on campus, I decided to do it at the campus’s stairs. I commute from Huntington Beach and back everyday, so in order to save gas I stay on campus for nearly 12 hours everyday because of my super busy schedule on campus. In between my gaps, I like to go to the gym to keep myself busy. So I imagined my death taking place on campus, with me tumbling down the stairs and falling on my head. When going to the gym, I like to use these machines that look kind of like stairways that move. Those moving stairways are a huge part of my workout, which is another reason why I chose the campus stairs. Overall, it was really cool trying to fake my own death because, in reality, you can’t fake your own death. You can’t get back up from dying. I would actually enjoy doing this activity all over again if I had a chance.


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