Week 7 – Artist Interview: Clare Samani

The gallery that captured my attention the most is the Dutzi Gallery, where the amazing artist, Clare Saman, put up some of the most interesting pieces I’ve seen all year. Before attending CSULB, Clare went to the College of the Canyons at the city of Santa Calrita. She was telling us that she had always been interested in the art because he father liked to doodle. When she started high school, she adopted painting as one of her hobbies. At her Paradox exhibit, I was amazed and impressed about the different kinds of paradox she included in her pieces. When we asked her about the whole process of printmaking, it seemed that there were a lot of complicated steps. I think most of the pictures in the gallery were either silk screen, etching, or relief. Clare said that although silk screen is the most common, her favorite techniques are etching or relief. Here’s a couple pictures of her artwork:

11026443_837713236275499_1981254577_n  11040131_837713212942168_1538427967_n  11040356_837713226275500_2013604154_n

We asked her to go more in depth about the different techniques of printmaking, so she went in detail about etching and relief printing. Etching is when the artists carves the outline of the print in metal and soaks it in acid. What the acid does is that it burns the carvings into the metal. Then the artist grabs the ink and scrapes it over the metal, so that the ink gets placed into the cuts. The artist removes the excess, but she leaves a good amount on the carvings. The ink from the cuts then transfers over to the paper, then BAM! You have your print. On the other hand, relief painting is when the artist carves in on wood. But instead of carving what the artist wants to print, the artist carves what isn’t printed. The ink is then rolled over to the paper, thus, producing ink printed on paper.

Clare was nice enough to show us the printmaking rooms on campus, which I never knew existed. There were many interesting tools they used in printmaking. I saw huge blocks of stone where the artist carved their outline on. There was also a silk screen station, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see it being used. We moved to the other room and we were lucky enough to see printmaking in action! The artist said that she was making a ghost print of one of her etchings. It was so cool to see that the university has a great art program that I’ve known before!



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