Week 9 – Classmate Interview: Matt Do

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I’ve known Matt for a while now (I believe since I was a Freshman in high school?), but I never really got to know him. He’s currently a second year attending CSULB. We went to the same high school, Edison High School in Huntington Beach. I just found out that that lives approximately 5-8 minutes away from me! We met at one of my friend’s Christmas party. I remembered him really well because he and a couple friends went to go swimming in the middle of December, which I thought was pretty crazy haha. He currently works as a lifeguard at Huntington Beach because he loves the water, which explains his gnarly tans. He was a huge water baby because he did a lot of activities that involved swimming, such as water polo, swim, Jr. Lifeguards. The reason why he chose being a lifeguard is that he loves saving people’s lives. He listens to a wide variety of music, mainly alternative, but he’s not a big fan of pop or country music. When it comes to food, he loves eating everything. Outside of school, he loves to go surfing, snowboarding, skateboard, and free dive. He is also involved in the EMT program, which is training in an emergency ambulance. He wants to pursue a career in nutrition, or becoming a paramedic firefighter. It was a funny story of how I found out Matt was in my Art 110 class. It was a Thursday and I saw him looking at some pictures at a gallery and I thought I recognized him. I said hello and went to my next class, which was all the way in the other side of the school. I was so surprised to see him again, thinking what a coincidence it was to see him near my next class. Then I fought out that he was also in the same class as I am! It’s funny how everything worked out, so now we can help each other in not only one class, but two.


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