Week 13 – Artist Interview:Marty Knop

As I walked into the Werby Gallery, I saw many pieces of art hanging on the wall that reminded me of one of those optical illusions books I loved reading back in middle school. Marty Knop was the artist responsible for these pieces that definitely caught my eye. The use of all the geometric shapes and colors made me wonder how he was able to create such complex, yet simple to the eye piece of art.

7My first impression on his art was that it seemed like it had a very complicated process, with all the different shapes and color involved in the making of one piece of art. Knob then explained that the process is actually not that difficult. He had a very good knowledge in computer science and mathematics, so dealing with all the different kinds of computer programs weren’t that hard to Knop. In his earlier art, he explained how he used to use Excel to create the different geometric shapes using the different coordinates that it gave him. He would then transfer these coordinates into Adobe, thus, creating the different triangles, hexagons, and squares on the print. Now he uses Mathematica and Wolfram.

Another aspect that I also found interesting was the fact that Knob would not put two of the same colors next to each other. I was so amazed that all the colors and shapes were derived from the use of mathematical equations. Knob’s art was definitely the first time I have ever encountered the combination of both math and art. Knob also explained that the use of the different shapes and colors was to attract the eyes of many people, which was definitely what happened! I never knew something that looks so complicated can have a simple process. Although it may be easy for person like Knob, I would definitely have a hard time using different computer programs that he used. Straying away from the typical painting of art, Knob is definitely a perfect example of straying away from the norm and going out of the way to create something different!


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