Week 13 – Classmate Interview: Kylie Louthan

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Kylie Louthan. Just like me, she is a first year attending CSULB. Louthan is the only child her family and as the eldest child out of the three, I wanted to understand how it was like not having to deal with other siblings. While I told her that I get easily annoyed by my siblings at home, she told me that there are a couple times where she wishes she had siblings so that she wouldn’t feel too lonely. Although she felt lonely at times, she grew up with a really close relationship with her cousins. She also had two cats at home, which reminded me of Ashley Sharpe’s art from last week. After I told her that I’ve been outside of the U.S., she told me that she’s been to Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii. Of all these places, her favorite was Hawaii.

Louthan is a major in film and she has a dream of becoming a film editor. Although she loves movies, her most favorite films to watch are documentaries. Talking to her about film editing was very interesting because I recently edited a film for the Student’s Choice we had a couple weeks ago. Even as a young kid, Louthan loved making videos. For example, her and some of her cousins would make simple videos in 8th grade. To continue her passion in film editing, Louthan tells me that she has taken film classes on campus. One of the classes she explained to me was something like a film history class. This reminded me of a class that was offered in my high school. She told me that there was a lot of film watching, but at the same time there was also a lot of papers to write after watching each film.

Some fun things to know about Louthan is that she isn’t much for creativity. She explained to me how she didn’t like using paint and how she had a hard time knitting during the activity of yarn bombing. Outside of school, she likes to play tennis and play the guitar. I used to take classes on how to play the guitar in middle school, but stopped because I became so busy in high school. Louthan also works at a movie theater, which she has been working in since she was 16 years old! I had such a great time getting to know Kylie and I admire her passion for film editing.


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