Week 13 – EC: Alphabet Stories

The following are instructions to one of my classmate’s procedures called “Alphabet Stories”:

  1. Write out each letter of the alphabet.
  2. Write a word next to the letter, starting with the listed letter.
  3. Write a story connecting all the words together.




Donald Duck























One bright and sunny day, Aladdin met a girl named Belle, who lived in a small cottage down the village from where he lives. He wasn’t very fond of her pet duck named Donald Duck. But he was lucky enough to own a huge elephant that could protect him from the biting duck. Sometimes he brings fish to distract the duck from biting him. Aladdin loves Belle very much, so he is willing to go through the biting duck and give her gold for gifts. Aladdin loved Belle so much that he felt like gold was not enough, so he went to the market and bought her the strongest and fastest horse. Along with the horse, he also bought some paper and ink to write her a letter saying how much he loved her. When Belle received the gifts, she jumped in excitement! It was night time and Belle fell in love with Aladdin. She looked at the stars through her kaleidoscope and thought about him. The next day, Belle was walking down the street with a lollipop in her hand and saw this girl named Mulan talking to Aladdin. She became so jealous that she grabbed an ostrich and rode away from the scene. She immediately regrets falling in loved with the prince. To seek advice, Belle went to the queen to tell her about her situation. The queen’s daughter, Rapunzel, told her that what happens, happens. She told her that she will definitely find true love once again, whether it would be now or 10 years from now. Just at that moment, Stitch, one of Rapunzel’s little furry friends ran to her, gave her a hug, and then ran towards the door. When the guards opened the door, a man with muscular arms and broad shoulders came in. His name was Tarzan. It had recently started raining, so he entered the castle putting his umbrella down, shaking his wet hair side to side. He told the queen that it was hard swinging from vine to vine in the pouring rain. Little did Belle know that Tarzan thought it was love at first sight with her. Tarzan and Belle looked into each other’s eyes and knew that they were going to be together forever. Not even a witch’s curse could keep them from being together. They planned their wedding and they both wanted someone to play the xylophone for them. They plan on getting a pet kitten and let it play with a ball of yarn. Belle’s father, Zeus, was filled with happiness after she finally found her true love.

This was a very interesting procedure, but definitely a really fun one! It’s been a while since I’ve made a story like this using random words. This activity kind of reminded me of those mad libs that I used to fill out when I was younger. I actually really liked this activity because it forces you to use your imagination in a way that’s different from the rest of the other procedures. I would definitely would like to do this again sometime!


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