Week 14 – Classmate Interview: Andrew Lee

photo 1

This week I had a wonderful pleasure of meeting Andrew Lee. He’s currently a second year in CSULB and has a major in management. One thing that was striking to me about Andrew is that he’s moved to many different places. He was born in Queens, New York, but moved to New Jersey when he was in elementary school. He also told me that he flies back and forth from Korea a lot so he’s very fluent in both Korean and English. He currently lives in Cypress/Cerritos, but also lived in Koreatown in Los Angeles for a little bit as well. To be honest, it was a little difficult keeping up with all the different places he’s lived in, but I was also pretty amazed that he was able to move to so many places and adapt to the changes. I can also relate to his stories of moving around a lot because I also moved several times. The most drastic change I had to go through was moving here from the Philippines. But unlike me, Andrew is an only child. Although he has moved several times, he doesn’t travel as much anymore. He played soccer in high school and on the side as well. Outside of school, he’s part of KASA, CSA, and NSU, which are a couple clubs on campus. He’s also in the military, which I thought was a pretty brave choice. It was really fun talking to Andrew because we shared so many similarities. Hopefully I get to see him on campus more often!


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