Week 15 – Artist Interview: Elia Murray

As I walked into the East Gastov Gallery, the first thing I noticed was the miniature sculptures. I was excited to know that were able to look at animations today because that’s something I’ve been waiting all year to see! The artist responsible for this gallery is Elia Murray. A couple of her sculptures were of dogs and a goat. These characters looked like they could be from a cartoon show that my sister would watch on Sunday mornings! I would say that they displayed a lot of color and personality, which is something I love when it comes to animation. I especially love sceneries in animation because I feel like it captures the true feelings of nature.

Displayed on the wall were also more of Murray’s paintings of watercolor of different characters. Apart of painting, she also loves to write short stories and poems, where she find inspiration for her drawings. She incorporated her love for writing and drawing to create a children’s book. Murray’s dream is to make her art well-known in the movie industries or television. She really wants to land a gig on famous TV networks like Cartoon Network, which is definitely one of my favorite channels or bring her art to Disney.

Murray grew up with the artistic influences of her mother and father. Being in a family full of creative people, Murray loved to draw ever since she was young. Her father had a huge impact on her artistic career because he was an illustrator. Approaching graduation, she wants to pursue her dreams as an artist and hope to work for big companies as an illustrator.

I’m so happy that I got a chance to see some animations this week because I grew up watching some of these cartoons that Murray would like to work for someday. My ultimate favorite illustrator and also famous director is Hayao Miyazaki. The films have greatly impacted me ever since I was a kid. He has made of of the best story lines I’ve ever seen and the animation is beyond amazing. He’s created movies such as Spirited Away, Ponyo, and Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m excited to see what Murray has to show to the world of animation!



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