Week 13 – Artist Interview:Marty Knop

As I walked into the Werby Gallery, I saw many pieces of art hanging on the wall that reminded me of one of those optical illusions books I loved reading back in middle school. Marty Knop was the artist responsible for these pieces that definitely caught my eye. The use of all the geometric shapes and colors made me wonder how he was able to create such complex, yet simple to the eye piece of art.

7My first impression on his art was that it seemed like it had a very complicated process, with all the different shapes and color involved in the making of one piece of art. Knob then explained that the process is actually not that difficult. He had a very good knowledge in computer science and mathematics, so dealing with all the different kinds of computer programs weren’t that hard to Knop. In his earlier art, he explained how he used to use Excel to create the different geometric shapes using the different coordinates that it gave him. He would then transfer these coordinates into Adobe, thus, creating the different triangles, hexagons, and squares on the print. Now he uses Mathematica and Wolfram.

Another aspect that I also found interesting was the fact that Knob would not put two of the same colors next to each other. I was so amazed that all the colors and shapes were derived from the use of mathematical equations. Knob’s art was definitely the first time I have ever encountered the combination of both math and art. Knob also explained that the use of the different shapes and colors was to attract the eyes of many people, which was definitely what happened! I never knew something that looks so complicated can have a simple process. Although it may be easy for person like Knob, I would definitely have a hard time using different computer programs that he used. Straying away from the typical painting of art, Knob is definitely a perfect example of straying away from the norm and going out of the way to create something different!


Week 12 – Classmate Interview: Jacob Macmaster

photo (6)

This week I got a chance to meet Jacob Macmaster, which was one of the coolest people I know. He’s currently a 4th year (and a half), which I thought was super crazy because he didn’t look any age over 20! He moved to Long Beach from Fresno. The first thing he noticed about me was I was wearing Greek letters on my sweater. I soon found out that he was also part of the Greek community too! He was part of the Sigma Pi fraternity for about a year and a half. He was telling me how he didn’t get to be as active in the fraternity as much as he wanted to because his grades were slipping. I can totally understand his situation because I am also part of a sorority that takes so much of my time, and balancing between extracurriculars and school was definitely very difficult. He also told me that he was a biology major, so he had a lot of math and science classes, which is pretty similar to me as well! I told him that I have to take CHEM 111A and 111B next year and he told me that those classes are one of the hardest classes he’s ever taken in his life. Outside of school, Jacob loves to go snowboarding. When i told him that I’ve never been snowboarding in my life, he was in shock and suggested to go to Snow Summit or Big Bear if I ever do go try it out. Apart from Sigma Pi, he was vice president of the schools dentist club, where they went on many outings, visiting dental schools, and listening to speakers and their advice. While we were finishing up our conversation, a girl came up and gave Jacob a hug and to only find out that she was his fiancé! As a freshman in college, I don’t have too many friends who are engaged or married, so that was pretty cool. It was a such a great pleasure getting to know Jacob.

Week 12 – Artist Interview: Ashley Sharpe

Going to the galleries this week and there was one gallery that most definitely captured my most attention: Ashley Sharpe’s Meow gallery. One might be able to tell what her art was about after reading the big “Meow” posted on one of the walls of the gallery. Sharpe’s art was different from all the other ones I’ve seen throughout this semester, and that’s why I love it so much. With Sharpe describing her art as part of the pop culture, there was so much more meaning behind every single piece she had.

1Most of her art was cat-related. According to Sharpe, she was filled with anxiety when she first moved out of home and moved to California for school. She wasn’t used to drastic changes such as moving into a completely new environment. I can somewhat understand what she went to because I moved from the Philippines when I was just 10 years old. Drastic changes like these are definitely hard to adjust to, but for Sharpe, she found comfort among the fuzzy little creatures. It all started when she moved in with her roommate, and it just so happened that she owned cats. Although Sharpe has never owned a cat in her life, she found that cats are what made her get through her everyday life.

2Sharpe was born into a family full of artists. She was greatly influenced by her father and grandmother, who both loved to paint. Her passion to draw and paint started at a very early age. She told us a couple of stories of when she would get in trouble by her teacher because she was doodling too much on her papers in class. At the age of 10, Sharpe finally took her first official art class: oil painting. She attended Orange Coast College for a little while, with having an interest in graphic arts. She then transferred to CSULB. After finding out about the school’s printmaking program, she was so thrilled and began learning about how to make art through printmaking herself.


One of my favorite pieces from Sharpe’s gallery was those pictured above. She told us that she liked working with geometric shapes and patterns, making it look like the images are seen through kaleidoscopes. One of the reasons why I actually liked those prints is because I am also a fan of geometric shapes and I love how it looks like through a kaleidoscopes. Sharpe’s work is a great influence because it is something that really makes her happy, and she wants people to feel the same way!

Week 10: Student’s Choice – Video Project

When I first saw the Student’s Choice page on the website, I had no idea what I was going to do. Then I started looking through the ideas that our professor had and BAM! I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this project. I’ve never actually edited and filmed a video before so I told myself to might as well try it for this project. I approached this project by first looking for a program that isn’t too complex or expensive for me use (because you know how that poor college life is) so I just searched up easy to use (and free) websites/programs on the internet. I came across this website called WeVideo. This website lets you upload videos and also input music that goes along with the video. The website looks like this:

artThe last time I’ve seen something like this was during my Freshman year in high school when my friends and I made a film for history, so I didn’t really know how to operate it. I watched a introduction video on the website and it looked pretty easy enough for me to use! Now that I found a website to help me make a video I have to start filming. I recently bought my parents this really nice video camera so I was pretty excited to use it myself; the brand was Canon too!

The next day I decided to film my whole entire day because it was my and my boyfriend’s (his name is Chris) monthniversay. Apparently he planned the whole day and it was supposed to be a surprise, which sounded exciting! My whole plan for today was to keep filming and then edit later when I get home, so that’s exactly what I did. After getting all the footage from that day I looked through every single video and picked which one would work and which one wouldn’t. I never really understand why editing took so long, but after doing this, I have so much respect for people who do them for a living! Picking videos, cutting the videos, and adjusting the audio took almost 2 and a half hours. I picked the song called “We Could Happen” by AJ Rafael and made that the video’s theme song. The website also gave me options to change the video’s theme, such as darkening or enhancing them, but I decided to stick to the original ones because it had good lighting. Overall, this film and video editing experience was such a blast, and I definitely plan on doing this again. Even though it took hours to film, edit, and upload the video, watching the result of my hard work was truly rewarding. I can’t wait to learn more about filming as I continue this as a hobby! I hope you enjoy the video!

Week 10 – Artist Interview: Dawn Ertl

This week we had an artist talk about her works in class the other day and showed us one picture about what we would see in her gallery, but I surely did not expect to see what I saw as I walked into her gallery. Ertl states that her art portrays her interpretation of the world and that the weave installments shows the relationships between the people who are very industrialized and the other people surrounding them. Compared to the other artists I’ve interviewed before, Erlt is the one that stood out because of how different and complex her art was.


I entered her gallery expecting to see just strands of yarn displayed, but that was definitely incorrect. What I saw definitely out-shined my expectations. On display was strands of yarn weaved together with other items, such as plastic bags. When asked about the other objects, she explained that the strands represent the industrial society and the plastic bags show how the society affects the environment.

I also saw a couple of blue prints of her work that made me realize how complex her artwork really is:

6 5

Ertl said that she would not have been able to make her art without the helps of her friends and family. The plastic bags that she used in her artworks were contributed by those who supported her. It is truly inspiring how she was able to make art out of little things such as plastic bags, which many people would consider as trash. But that is definitely something people don’t take in consideration. Where do our trash go after we throw it in the bin? Does our community make environmental friendly decisions or not? These are just a couple questions that people should think about when throwing away their next can of soda or grocery bag. Ertl’s art reminds me of Graduate Assistant Brittany Binder’s art when I visited her at her exhibit for extra credit. My first glance of Ertl’s art was just a couple of yarns weaved together, but my view of her art drastically changed after discovering the true and deep meaning behind her art.

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Week 9 – Artist Interview: Ralph Acosta

This week, the artist that captured my most attention with his artwork was Ralph Acosta. As I walked in, the first thing I noticed was a stand against the wall. What made it so interesting are the Chanel cards on the table, and along with it was cigarette butts, an ash tray, and a pack of cigarettes. This reminded me of something I would see in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The glass cup looked like a cup someone would drink a fancy drink out out of it, like a martini.

photo 1

Ralph Acosta lived in a time where nothing but turmoil hit his family. He grew up in the streets of Los Angeles, specifically in the Wilshire District. He is a big fan of quotes that reminds him of the past. One of his favorite quotes is the one by Julian Barnes in England, England:

“Memories of childhood are the dreams that stayed with you when you woke.”

This gallery that he prepared for us today represents his childhood. Most of his formative years were spent at the Wilshire District in the 1960s and 1970s. He says that he and his family encountered many hardships during this era. Although they came to many struggles, his older brothers, younger cousin, and he found relief and relaxation from all the chaos at home at the Ambassador, which he described as “an  aging and legendary grand” hotel near his residences.

I also noticed a film playing on the television hanging on the wall. The film showed the Ambassador hotel. The tone of the film was romantic and the style of the film looked like it was filmed in the 1970’s. Ralph Acosta used a lot of layered images, recent film, found footage, similar environments, music, and narration to illustrate his and his brother’s memories of that neighborhood that they cherished ever so much.

.photo 4 photo 2 photo 3

He also created supers-sized postcards of many residences where his family lived. The postcards were huge! Ralph says that the size represents the serious issues that his family was experiencing during this period, which were too big for too big to handle. These streets reinforce his memories and many of them are often seen in the background of movies. Overall, I think Ralph Acosta did an excellent job at portraying the memories a child might have at the wondrous city of Los Angeles

Week 9 – Classmate Interview: Matt Do

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I’ve known Matt for a while now (I believe since I was a Freshman in high school?), but I never really got to know him. He’s currently a second year attending CSULB. We went to the same high school, Edison High School in Huntington Beach. I just found out that that lives approximately 5-8 minutes away from me! We met at one of my friend’s Christmas party. I remembered him really well because he and a couple friends went to go swimming in the middle of December, which I thought was pretty crazy haha. He currently works as a lifeguard at Huntington Beach because he loves the water, which explains his gnarly tans. He was a huge water baby because he did a lot of activities that involved swimming, such as water polo, swim, Jr. Lifeguards. The reason why he chose being a lifeguard is that he loves saving people’s lives. He listens to a wide variety of music, mainly alternative, but he’s not a big fan of pop or country music. When it comes to food, he loves eating everything. Outside of school, he loves to go surfing, snowboarding, skateboard, and free dive. He is also involved in the EMT program, which is training in an emergency ambulance. He wants to pursue a career in nutrition, or becoming a paramedic firefighter. It was a funny story of how I found out Matt was in my Art 110 class. It was a Thursday and I saw him looking at some pictures at a gallery and I thought I recognized him. I said hello and went to my next class, which was all the way in the other side of the school. I was so surprised to see him again, thinking what a coincidence it was to see him near my next class. Then I fought out that he was also in the same class as I am! It’s funny how everything worked out, so now we can help each other in not only one class, but two.